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Photo of professionals Don G. Isaacson and Marie Isaacson

Protecting The Public Interest

As lobbyists, we at Isaacson Law Firm, P.C., have regular, ongoing interaction with policymakers. As a fact-based advocacy firm, we work with clients to further their interests during interactions with governmental agencies. Working with agency staff and administrators, we act to resolve issues and assist in the development and modification of state regulations and interpretive policies.

We operate in harmony with governmental agencies whose mission is to serve the needs and interests of the people of Arizona. Our work is centered on assisting the administration and regulation of matters by the multitude of Arizona governing bodies and in their relations with companies, educational entities, nonprofits and community organizations. Our mission is to further our clients’ interests while working with Arizona administrative agencies. We represent clients and their interests before various state agencies.

An Experienced Firm With An Established Record

We establish and nurture authentic and solid bipartisan relationships at all levels of government. This ensures that we are able to assist our clients in regard to their interaction with administrative bodies within the state of Arizona. Decades of work in public policy, as directors, on committees, as board members and chairs, and in human resources management has afforded us the broad base of knowledge and experience that these high-level relations services require.

Our commitment to tireless representation and strong working relationships with key officials in the legislative and executive branches of Arizona state government has provided us with positive outcomes for our clients. As a seasoned attorney with proven legal acumen, Don Isaacson also serves as general counsel for commercial entities across the state and throughout the U.S. Marie Isaacson has decades of experience working within Arizona’s administrative agencies in high-level roles, including Human Resources Director, and has substantial connections and relationships throughout the state’s agencies.

Reach Out To Us

We can be reached at the firm by calling 602-274-2200 or by emailing us. We represent a vast and diverse clientele. Consistently top-rated for our work, we invite you to read about the organizations we represent and the successes and awards we have earned.